I did not have many friends in high school. I was not the loner type — making conversation and working with others was never an issue for me. Still, I never seemed to make any deeper connections than the ones necessary for the occasional group project.

After several years of cementing my place in a thirty-student classroom, I did not have much opportunity to make a sudden turn around when I started feeling lonely. Everyone had the same two or three people that they hung around since junior year. Applications for friendships were closed, so to speak. …

Admitting my mistakes was once very challenging. As a teenager, I perhaps wanted to think of myself as some kind of prodigy. I wanted no help from outsiders, and I wanted to believe I was the most competent writer I could possibly be.

At least I decided to walk-the-walk and put myself to the test. Otherwise, I may not have learned the humility of recognizing myself as a far from perfect author.

A far, far from perfect author.

I learned that none of my skills came for free, but were honed in through the hard and painful experience of failure…

Of all places, I turned up in a detective’s backyard

A three-year-old can make unwise decisions when they’re bored. They may throw a vase on the floor, chew on the remote, start petty fights, or do anything that will properly add stress to their parents’ already-stressful lives. After all, no parent of a vulnerable human being is meant to have it easy.

On the day that I went missing, my mom must have been having it too good.

She was in the backyard planting flowers while I was innocently dotting about in the garage. My memories of the event are…

For some reason, I felt no fear to see this stranger in my home

One night I had a very bizarre dream.

At the time I was seventeen years old and still living with my parents at their farmhouse. The house was over one hundred years old and held the memories of several generations within its walls. These generations were not of my own family. The previous owner was the last in a long line of familial proprietorship. My family and I were newcomers. One could even say we were trespassers. …

What makes our lives special?

Phot Credit: Mark Konig | Unsplash

Between five and seven million years ago our ancestors were taking their first steps away from the rest of the animal kingdom. One of our earliest achievements was the mastery of fire, yet it wasn’t mere flame that lit the way to our evolution. As human beings evolved we created tools, language, culture, and art, and we accomplished feats that far exceed the abilities of other creatures:

We discovered how to freeze time and capture moments in history through photography and videography. We learned how to create structures that scrape the sky. We have the…

These letters black, these pages white

These pages hold my mind tonight

Of stories bleak and stories strong

And stories short and much too long

And I am filled with this desire

To know their people, rough and mild

To sail their seas and find their land

And when its found, to start again


Through letters black and pages white

I travel through these pains and blight

In some we die, in some we live

Another page, our best to give

That every ink on letter laid

May never be found made in waste

But hold our worth, record…

Recorded by Ibn Ishaq, translated by Albert Guillaume, and condensed.

Photo Credit: Keith Hardy | Unsplash

Muhammad was born in the Arabian city of Mecca around 570 AD. His father died near the time of his birth and his mother died when he was six years old. Muhammad was brought up by Abu Talib, his paternal uncle.

As a young adult he worked as a cattle driver under the businesswoman Khadija. Khadija was fifteen years his senior, and she became Muhammad’s first wife. She would also become his first convert to Islam.

In 610 AD, at age forty, Muhammad began seeing visions and hearing voices during…

A psychological analysis of Christmas’ most beloved misanthrope.

We are all familiar with the story of the green-furred grump who lives on Mount Crumpet and bears a deep-seated hatred for Christmas.

There are several different versions of the Grinch, each chronicling the journey of a hermit that lives in self-segregation for more than five decades.

In the most recent adaption by DreamWorks, Mr. Grinch spends his earliest years in a deserted orphanage. He goes on to live in the most isolated place imaginable, a cave at the very top of the distant Mount Crumpet.

Though this lonely fate is portrayed…

The Messianic Issue.

Everyone knows that Christians, Muslims, and Jews have some long-held disagreements. What is less common knowledge, however, is that the three Abrahamic religions stem from from a single text: The Torah, otherwise known as the Old Testament.

Christians, Muslims, and Jews have a common belief in The Old Testament’s legitimacy. Moses, perhaps its most important figure, is revered by each of the creeds as being a prophet of the one true God.

The real conflict stems from what came after Moses: the prophecy of a Messiah, a prophecy that would ultimately result in the greatest philosophical fissure…

Karissa Wehri

I am currently studying for my English BA. My interests center on the human condition, with niches in psychology and cultural studies.

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